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4 Simple Steps for Falls Prevention

When someone has experienced a fall they may naturally develop a fear of falling and limit their mobility. They may stop going to restaurants, doing their grocery shopping, and may avoid leaving the home as often. They may walk differently and may not socialize as often. This change in activity can lead to a decrease in strength and endurance, which in turn can lead to an increase in risk of falling and, subsequently, an increase in falls. However, falls are not just a normal part of aging and appropriate interventions can reduce fall risk and break this cycle. There are 4 ways you can reduce your chance of falling:

1. Get moving--exercises that improve balance and strength decrease your risk of falling; Tai Chi is a good exercise for falls prevention because it improves both balance and lower body strength

2. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist--confide in your doctor if you are concerned about falling or have fallen in the past; take a list of all your medications to each doctor and pharmacist visit and review them to ensure there are no negative interactions or side effects that could increase your risk of falling

3. Check your vision and hearing--poor vision can increase your chances of falling; hearing loss can indicate problems with the inner ear and balance

4. Make your home safer--keep pathways and stairs clear, use a sturdy step-stool with handrails, remove throw rugs, use grab bars in the tub and next to the tub and toilet, make sure there is good lighting in each room and stairway

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